Welcome to the Latrobe Valley Aero Club

Latrobe Valley Aero Club has been flying high for 70 years. We also provide access to aircraft, getting you directly from your local airfield to your destination with personal service. Or take a joy flight and see the Latrobe Valley and the Gippsland region from a new perspective.

We are absolutely committed to providing the highest quality Flight Training in a supportive environment. We will deliver a team of highly motivated and experienced instructors. The staff are backed up by a diverse fleet of very well maintained Aircraft, and a highly advanced Flight Simulator. We all see the need to complete your training to the very highest levels of satisfaction. We want you to have a satisfying experience with us at Latrobe Valley Aero Club and “spread the word”.

Whatever your need to fly, take to the sky with Latrobe Valley Aero Club.