The direction of the LVAC is steered through the Committee of Management elected by the members of the club. As a member, you are entitled to nominate, if you so desire.

There are also other sub-committees that help organize flying displays, flying competitions, “fly-aways” to other clubs and other such significant events like the annual Wings Dinner.

The Latrobe Valley Aero Club also has an active social club that does much to create a happy and friendly atmosphere for all members, be they students or “old hands”.

LVAC Committee meets on the third Wednesday of each month

Committee Members

President: Paul Andronicou
Vice President:Barney Hansford
Secretary/Treasurer:John Warren
Committee Members:Alan Campbell, Peter Parniak, Adrian Marthick, Scott Matthews, Mick North, Jamey Lawn

Flying Staff

General Aviation Base Pilot:Malcolm Hutton
Recreational Aviation Chief Flying Instructor:Gerard Lappin
Recreational Aviation Flying Instructor:Malcolm Hutton


General AviationRecreational Aviation
Training PartnerAPTA (Australian Pilot Training Alliance)Latrobe Valley Aero Club
Licenses RPL-Recreational Pilots Licence
PPL- Private Pilots Licence
CPL-Commercial Pilots Licence
ATPL-Airport Transport Pilots Licence
Recreational Pilots Certificate